The publicly available outcomes of the Boost4Shoes project will be listed below as they become available.

Project Leaflet: EN/EL/PL/DE/PT/RO


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O1A1 Rationalisation Phase: Practices of European e-Commerce retailers from the footwear industry (State of Play). This Outcome is available in the following Project Languages

O1A2 Needs Analysis Report EN/PL/EL/DE/PT/RO

O1A3 Training Methodology and Online Sales Strategy Definition: Structure, content, methodology, delivery approach and all relevant aspects of the BOOST4SHOES vocational training system: EN/PL/EL/DE/PT/RO

O1A4 Action List Identification and Description: The concrete actions per e-Commerce lifecycle element (e.g. ordering, dispatching, payment, etc.) for the implementation of each e-Commerce strategy conceived in O1/A3. The strategies are decomposed to actions per lifecycle element to be implemented by the SMEs for fulfilling the strategy

O1/A5 - OSM Course Development: The Online Sales Manager (OSM) course to support the implementation of the actions. The course is action based. The modules of the course originate from e-Commerce lifecycle elements (ordering, delivery, payment, communication, overall service, promotion) and for each action the content supports its implementation.

O1/A6 – Localisation PL/EL/DE/PT/RO  Language and context adaptations to the strategies, actions and content.

O1/A7 - ECVET Supporting Tools Development  Foundation for the implementation of the ECVET system