Research and Innovation in Footwear Manufacturing - International Conference

BOOST4Shoes representative, Nicole Liddell, attended the 'Research and Innovation in Footwear Manufacturing' Multiplier event that took place in Bucharest, Romania on the 11th July 2018.

She was asked to speak about the BOOST4Shoes project to give an insight about what Footwear SMEs can do to increase their cross-border sales and discuss the training tool that we are in the process of creating.

The event was addressed towards representatives of the footwear industry, as well as students and researchers in this field. Another objective was to close off the 2-year project ‘Knowledge4Foot’ and present their final solution.

A number of interesting speakers were invited to discuss some of the projects they are working on, as well as the current issues the Footwear industry is facing.

Some of these speakers included:

  • Aura Mihai from Technical University of Iasi/Romania and Leticia Bouges Treviño from the European Confederation of Footwear Industry (CEC) / Belgium, to discuss the Knowledge4Foot Platform for Transferring Research and Innovation in Footwear Manufacturing 
  • Alice Marcato from Politecnico Calzaturiero, Italy, to discuss Human Capital as Driver of Innovation
  • Rita Souto Bizarro from CTCP / Portugal to discuss the FIT2COMFORT project about Skills Alliance for Comfort & Healthy Footwear Manufacturing
  • Panayota Vassiliou from NTUA - National Technical University of Athens / Greece to discuss Innovation for the Leather Industry 
  • Rosana Pérez Francés from INESCOP / Spain to discuss building Innovation in Footwear Manufacturing and Best Practices on Research Projects at INESCOP 
  • Bogdan Fleaca from POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest / Romania to discuss innovative, Social Responsibility, Entrepreneurial and Digital Skills 'CONCEPTS for the FUTURE' 
  • Mehmet Mete Mutlu from EGE University in Turkey to discuss the Erasmus + Traineeship Program Experiences of EGE University:
  • Luminita Albu from Leather and Footwear Division of INCDTP / Romania to discuss becoming a Manager in an Efficient and Innovative Leather Company 

This opportunity was also by Nicole to discuss other Erasmus Plus projects CIVIC are managing including: